Sym Overview

Sym protects businesses with access and approval workflows that make sense.

The Sym Platform

Sym is a platform for building intelligent approvals as code. We provide a customizable Slack app, a variety of integrations, and an SDK that you can use to define simple automations that turn your privileged access policies into easy-to-operate workflows.

Use Sym to reduce unpleasant toil, decrease business risk, and move faster.


Sym's Slack app in action

How It Works

Sym Flows can be kicked off from Slack, or from Sym's Events API. Sym then routes your requests, collects approval information, and manages escalations and deescalations for a variety of systems including AWS, Okta, and GitHub. Finally, Sym sends reliable audit information into your system of record.


The Sym Solution

Without SymWith Sym
Governance Reliant on unwritten, or hard-to-discover rules for who is allowed to make or approve requests.With Sym's Python SDK, your access rules are expressed and enforced in code, and deployed via your SDLC.
Day-to-dayAfter approval, access must be granted, tracked, and revoked manually.Sym handles both grant + time-based revoke, so every integration with Sym is one more thing you don't need to worry about.
Audit Anyone handling a security audit must read through unstructured messages or ticket queues for evidence.Compliance is an automatic byproduct of using Sym. Simply connect a Reporting destination and say "goodbye" to scraping Slack channels for context.

Integrate with your existing stack

Whether it is AWS, a SaaS app, an internal app, or a database — you can integrate our platform quickly and easily with your most sensitive systems and infrastructure.

Define workflows-as-code

Workflows are provisioned via infrastructure-as-code, often right beside the definitions of the resources they protect, and are easily customizable with our Python SDK.

Make better decisions

By establishing your approval rules in code, you can ensure the right folks are making better decisions, faster, with more context.