Sym Overview

Sym is the most developer-friendly way to secure your production infrastructure.

The Sym Platform

Sym is a platform for defining simple automations that turn your privileged access policies into easy-to-operate workflows, executed in Slack.


Use Sym in Slack to quickly execute just-in-time access workflows.

Using Sym

  1. Define your access policies in code using Terraform
  2. Use Slack to request and approve just-in-time, temporary access
  3. Sym handles escalation, deescalation, and audit

Sym provides all the tools you need to quickly build workflows to support just-in-time access for Okta, AWS SSO, AWS IAM, or to run AWS Lambdas.


Sym workflows handle all the hard parts of just-in-time access for you.

How It Works

Sym Flows can be kicked off from Slack, or from Sym's Events API. Sym then routes your requests, collects approval information, and manages escalations and deescalations. Finally, Sym sends reliable audit information into your system of record.


The Sym SDK

In addition to basic workflow configurations, Sym provides a Python SDK that you can use to customize the business logic behind your workflows. For example, you can use Sym's SDK to:

  • Conditionally fast-track and automate approvals
  • Define who can approve certain types of requests
  • Run Lambdas to kick off additional integrations and workflows