Integration Overview


Sym provides a number of native, first-party integrations to support temporary access to specific systems like AWS IAM and Okta, as well as SDK integrations that you can use to add custom rules and routing to your Flows.

Access Strategies

Sym's Access Strategy integrations are all supported by Terraform configurations. In general, they are composed from the following resource types:

  • Flow: the outermost definition of a Sym workflow
  • Strategy: the definition of an Integration, and one or more Targets
  • Target: an instance of a role, group, or other escalation target
  • Integration: the definition of an integration between Sym and another system
  • Environment: a resource that wraps one or more Integrations, other resources like Log Destinations for Reporting, and the Sym runtime.

Implementation notes

Different integration targets will have slight differences in their implementation. For example, SaaS integrations like GitHub and Okta rely on API keys stored as secrets. The AWS IAM and AWS SSO integrations, meanwhile, each use an additional connector that establishes the role used for escalations.

Full list of supported Access Strategies

SDK Integrations

Sym's Python SDK has support not only for enhancing access workflows (e.g. "Check Okta Group membership"), but for contextually checking against other services like PagerDuty (e.g. "auto-approve if on call").

For more information on SDK integrations, check out:

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