Adding a New Admin


This tutorial describes how to add a new User with the role of admin to your Sym organization.

Create the User

First, if the User does not exist in your organization yet, use symflow users create to create a new user with the given email.

symflow users create <email>


Pro tip: You can check your organization's user list with symflow users list!

Set their Role to Admin

Now, use symflow users set-role to set the new user's role to admin.

symflow users set-role <email> --role admin

Congratulations! Your new user now has admin privileges in your organization. They should now be able to log in with symflow login.

Logging in for the First Time

If your organization is set up to log into Sym with email and password, your new User will need to create an account when they log in for the first time. If your organization is set up with Single Sign-On, no additional setup is required, and they will able to log in directly with your Single Sign-On provider.

Signing Up with Email and Password

To sign up a new User, just click "Sign Up" on their first login and enter their email and password. They will then be required to verify their email. Once that's done, they can run symflow login again, and they will be logged into Sym!