App Overview

The Sym App provides admins with a single place for reviewing and managing requests across their entire organizations.


The Sym App is in beta!

If you're using the Sym App and have questions, suggestions, or a bug to report, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].


The Sym App is a critical tool for admins, as well as a great day-to-day option for users to make access requests. Requests made through the Sym App will go through the exact same backend and routing as requests made through Slack, and can be acted on in the same ways.

In addition, Admins in the Sym App can see and act on all open requests. While all Python hooks (e.g. on_approve) apply to actions taken via web, admins using the Sym App are given the option of overriding blocking hooks in case of emergency.


Prefetch: coming soon

Currently, prefetch typeahead fields will not automatically populate in the Sym App. For any dynamic field normally populated via prefetch, users in the Sym App will need to manually enter their desired values.

Using the app

Logging in

Logging in is essentially the same as logging into the symflow CLI. Enter your Sym Organization ID, click Continue, and then log in as you normally would.

App home

The default logged in view will show you a list of open requests, a series of content and date filters, and a button from which you make new requests. In this view, requests can be filtered by

  • Flow
  • User (Requester)
  • Strategy Type
  • Target
  • Request Status
  • Date range

See request details

Clicking on any request will expand it in-line, displaying all relevant field information.

Making a request

To make a request, click the New Request button on the Home/Requests screen. This will launch a modal similar to Sym's Slack experience.

Approving and denying


This is for admins (mostly)

  • Admins can see and approve/deny request from any user
  • Regular users can see and act on their own requests, depending on how on_approve or on_deny Hooks are configured for their organization.

When an open request is expanded, it will include Approve and Deny buttons. Similarly, current, open escalations will include the option to Revoke. These actions all trigger and include the same routing as usual Sym behavior through Slack.



This is for admins (entirely)

Click on Stats to see filterable information about historical requests in your organization. In addition to request volume and status breakdown, this view will show you:

  • Top Approvers
  • Top Flows
  • Top Targets

Note: filters will carry over between the Requests and Stats views.