This section is for Sym Integrators!

You will need an Aptible account to set up this Integration.

Using Sym and Aptible

  1. Create a "bot" user for the integration. Sym will use these credentials to make API requests to Aptible.

  2. Securely store the "bot" user credentials.

You'll store your "bot" user credentials in AWS Secrets Manager in the same account where you provisioned your Runtime Connector. Contact us if you'd like to use an alternative secrets store.


Runtime Connectors support optional permissions using the addon input. Ensure that your Runtime Connector is provisioned with the aws/secretsmgr addon enabled.

resource "aws_secretsmanager_secret" "aptible" {
  name        = "/"
  description = "Aptible User Credentials for Sym"

  tags = {
    "SymEnv" = var.environment

Now you can use Aptible Roles in Sym!

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