Common Issues

If something goes wrong with Sym's CLI, check here first!

CLI breaks after an OS or Python upgrade

sym-cli symlinks against your Python binary at install time. If this binary changes name or location, the CLI will break. To fix this, simply re-run the install script.

curl | bash

Error: package sym-cli has invalid interpreter

See CLI breaks after an OS or Python upgrade.

Error: Invalid resource

Use sym resources to list the resources at your Organization. It's possible you're using a different name than the one your Sym Implementer set up for that Target!

Error: Your AWS credentials have expired.

When you access a Resource with sym, it requests a set of temporary credentials on your behalf from AWS STS. While we normally handle making sure your session has plenty of time left in it, occasional long-running commands can trigger this error.

Since requesting a new session can require user interaction (e.g. if your organization has MFA enabled for new SAML assertions from your IDP), we can't automatically extend sessions. However, there are some levers you can tweak to increase your session length.

Error: SSM exec_command timeout

Your Ansible commands are timing out. You can use the SYM_COMMAND_TIMEOUT environment variable to make the timeout longer.

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