Configuring Multi-Factor Authentication

Sym supports MFA for admins logging into the symflow CLI


This tutorial describes how to enable or disable multi-factor authentication (MFA) for symflow login for all users across your organization.


Unlike most symflow commands affecting users, MFA configuration is invoked with symflow organization

Adding MFA for your organization

To configure MFA, use the following symflow CLI command:

symflow organization configure-mfa <enabled> #where enabled is either `true` or `false`

Note: when this value is set to true, MFA enrollment will be enforced across your entire organization. Users who do not have MFA set up will be prompted to set it up on their next symflow login. On subsequent logins, they will then be prompted to authenticate using their MFA device.

When it is set to false, any users who already have MFA set up will still be prompted to use it when logging into the symflow CLI. However, new users will not need to set up MFA.

If you would like to reset or remove a user's MFA device, please reach out to support at [email protected].