Customer Best Practices


There are a few steps that Sym recommends all our customers take to ensure the availability of their internal systems and data, regardless of the status of the Sym Platform.

Maintain a Manual Escalation Runbook

In the event that the Sym Platform, Slack, or AWS has an outage, the Sym Platform may not be able to escalate user access in connected systems. To ensure critical work can still get done, it is recommended that customers maintain an internal set of instructions for manually escalating user access to important systems as a backup option.

For example, at Sym, we maintain a set of instructions for using the AWS management console to grant employees access to a specific "EngineeringManualEscalation" group in AWS SSO for emergencies. The runbook also contains information about how and when to remove the employee from that group.

Back Up Event Data

While Sym performs regular backups of the data necessary to run the Sym Platform, it is ultimately the customer's responsibility to ensure important audit history is backed up and available to them.

To do this, customer should ensure each sym_environment is configured with a sym_log_destination so that every Event's audit log is sent to a system (e.g. S3, Datadog) under their control.

See Sym's Reporting Overview for more details on how to configure a sym_log_destination.