Declare the Sym Runtime


Now that you've set up Terraform and added a Slack integration, it's time to get the Runtime up and running! The Runtime and Environment are the last two resources needed before you'll be ready to implement your first Flow.

The Runtime

The sym_runtime resource is where you declare your personal instance of the Sym Runtime. This is, for example, where you might give the Sym Runtime permission to assume a role in your own AWS account to access Secrets.

For now, though, we'll just declare it with a name:

resource "sym_runtime" "this" {
  name = var.environment_name

The Environment

The sym_environment resource is a collection of shared configuration for your Flows. It will tell your Flow, for example, where to send errors and which integrations to use:

resource "sym_environment" "this" {
  name            = var.environment_name
  runtime_id      =
  error_logger_id =

  integrations = {
    slack_id =

Next steps

Ok! Sym is all set up! Now onto the fun part: setting up your first end-to-end Flow.

  1. Set up Sym's Terraform Provider
  2. Configure your Terraform to work with Sym
  3. Implement your first Flow ← up next

What’s Next