Demo Videos

Watch these videos for quick demonstrations of how to deploy Sym and set up your first access target.

The Sym platform has three fundamental stages: deployment, configuration, and (of course) use. These videos walk through the basics of each stage in order and show how in under 20 minutes, you can go from zero to Sym!

Integrator demo

Before you can use Sym for protecting and approving access to sensitive resources, you'll need to deploy the platform using our Terraform provider.

This video will give you a 7-minute walkthrough that covers the following topics:

Implementer demo

Once the Sym platform is all set up, it's time to build and customize your workflows.

This 9-minute video will walk you through:

AWS SSO access demo

Once everything's all set up, it's time to make some requests!

This brief video provides a 3-minute overview of using Sym's Slackbot to request and grant just-in-time access to an escalated AWS SSO role.

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