Flows Overview

Flows are the primary building blocks of Sym workflows.


Sym Flows connect the technologies you already use to bring security and privacy policies to life. Flows automate the steps of these policies to make life quicker and easier for engineers.

Each Flow comes from a Template that defines the Flow's base behavior like requesting access to a sensitive resource. Templates have key steps for customization through Sym's Python SDK where all of the technologies your organization uses are brought together.

Flows are first created by somebody at the organization (often on the DevOps, SRE, or Security team), and then used by the rest of the organization.

For instance, a security engineer might want to protect access to SSHing into sensitive EC2 instances. They would use the Approval Template and Python SDK to set up a peer-approval process. Once launched, the engineering team could request access in Slack, receive approval from teammates, and receive temporary SSH access to an EC2 instance.


Read more about Flows in our SDK Docs.


Each Flow inherits from exactly one Template. You can think of a Template as a base set of workflow steps, each of which can be customized or overridden with our Python SDK. A Template also has a set of params, which provide declarative parameterization of the workflow, and are specified with our Terraform Provider.

Templates are namespaced and have SRN identifiers.


Read more about Templates in our SDK Docs.

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