Get Run Status

GET /run/{run_id}


The GET /run/{run_id} API can be used to determine the status of the given Run.

The Open API Spec and and example requests are available here: Get the status of a Run.

Request Parameter: run_id

This request requires one path parameter, run_id. This run_id can be obtained from the response of a Request API call.

Response Body

The response body contains the following keys:

  • run_id: The ID of the Run
  • run_srn: The SRN of the Run. This will match the SRN included in Log Entries (See: Reporting Overview)
  • status: The status of the Run, indicating the last Event successfully processed, or "error" if a fatal error occurred
  • error: This key is only included if status is error

For example, given the following hook:

def on_request(evt):
  # Your hook things here
  raise Exception("oh no")

The Run status will be set to errored because of the exception raised in the hook.

    "run_id": "56afeb2a-b3b5-4fc5-8cee-08d4d57da5b1",
    "run_srn": "healthyhealth:run:my_fun_flow:3.0.0:56afeb2a-b3b5-4fc5-8cee-08d4d57da5b1",
    "status": "errored",
    "error": "A runtime error occurred while executing on_request.\n\n*Hint:* oh no ..." // Truncated for brevity