Getting Started

Follow along with this guide to get your first Sym workflow up and running!


This section walks you through setting up Sym + getting your first workflow up and running.


To use Sym, you'll need:


You'll need a Sym Organization and Org ID

Go here to create your account and get started with Sym.

Once you have an account, here's what you'll be doing:


You don't actually need to read the rest of this guide

Our Slack App and CLI will guide you through the rest of your setup, including initializing a starter directory with a pre-baked Sym workflow.

Read on if you'd like to learn more about how the Sym platform is set up, and feel free to check out our starter directory code in symopsio/examples/basic/approvals to follow along.

If you'd like, you can clone that example and configure a few variables in terraform.tfvars to get on your way!

What’s Next