Access Requests

How Sym works

Sym's platform consists of Flows, which inherit from Templates. The sym:approval Template allows your organization to create Flows that protect access to sensitive resources, called Targets. As a User, you can initiate a Flow in Slack to request access to a resource.

Quick Start Guide

This section is for Sym Users!

All you need to know to get started with Sym.

  1. In Slack, type /sym req or /sym req [flow-name]. If you didn't specify a Flow Name, pick the Flow from the list of available Flows.
  2. Fill in the required details for your request.
  3. Hit Submit button.
  4. Wait for approval (you will get a DM when the request is approved).
  5. Once approved, you will have access to the requested resource.
  6. Sym removes your access when the time expires, no further action necessary.

Read on for more details!

Initiate a Flow

Slack makes it easy to execute your organization's Flows. Today, Sym supports a Slack Shortcut or Slash Command (/sym req [flow-name]).

If you don't specify a Flow Name (or we don't recognize the Flow name), the Flow selection modal will show up, allowing you to pick the Flow you want to run.

You can also specify the environment you'd like to run a Flow in after the Flow name, as in /sym req [flow-name] [env]. In this case, prod is optional since it's the only available environment for future access requests.

Make a request

After you choose a Flow, you will need to provide some additional details, for example, the Resource or Role you are trying to gain access to and how long you need access.

When you submit your request, it gets routed based on the approval rules your implementer has specified. For example, your request may be sent to a Slack channel named #sym-requests.

Approve a request in Slack

To approve a request, all you need to do is click on the Approve button on the card. The requesting User will then be notified via a DM that their request has been approved. Depending on the configuration of the Flow by the implementer, Users may be able to approve their own requests (for emergency/urgent access) or only specific people may be able to approve the request.

For more details on how a Flow can be configured, see sym:approval.

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