Implementation Examples


Because Sym workflows are driven by its Python SDK, implementation can be as specifically contoured as you need it to be to fit your organization.

Below are some examples of common usage patterns.


Auto-approve requests

While many Sym requests will benefit from the default human-in-the-middle approval workflow, there may be some workflows that want to move a bit more seamlessly, but without losing Sym's benefits of:

  • Request context
  • Access revoke
  • Audit for compliance

For this common scenario, the on_request Hook if your friend in automated expedience:

def on_request(evt):
    return ApprovalTemplate.approve()

Send requests to the channel they came from

Some Sym workflows will be best served in their originating context -- that is to say, they should be sent into the same channel from which they were made.

Sym's Slack Integration makes this easy by providing both access to your initiating channel (, and a method to define a fallback channel in case our Slack App doesn't have access to the originating channel:

def get_approvers(evt):
    return slack.fallback(,“#sym-access”))

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