Install and Login

Initial install of the Sym CLI


Automatic Install

Installing the sym CLI is as simple as running one command:

curl | bash

If your install succeeded, you should now have sym in your path.

$ sym version

That's it! Everything else you need has been installed for you.


If the install script fails for any reason, we have a few alternatives.

Manual Install

Use your preferred package manager, or download a macOS installer.

brew install symopsio/tap/sym
pipx install sym-cli
pip install --user sym-cli
$ curl -LO
$ sudo installer -pkg sym-cli-darwin-x64.pkg -target /
$ curl -LO
$ sudo dpkg -i sym-cli-linux-x64.deb

AWS CLI and Session Manager Plugin

Using SSH with the CLI requires that you have both the AWS CLI and the AWS Session Manager CLI Plugin installed and on your path. Sym uses Session Manager to securely connect to EC2 instances in your environment.


If you install sym manually, you will also have to install these tools.


To install the Session Manager Plugin on ArchLinux, you can use rpm2archive to pull out the session-manager-plugin binary and add it to your path.


Before you can use sym, you'll need to let us know who you are!

$ sym login
Org: your-org-slug-here
Email: [email protected]


If you don't know your organization's slug, please contact support.


To check for any updates run:

$ sym update
Quickly checking for Sym CLI updates found, carry on!


sym has an auto-updater that'll check periodically and install the update for you.

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