Install symflow


The symflow CLI is what you use to configure Sym for your organization. You'll need to be logged in to apply Terraform changes, or to list and manage Users, Domains, Resources, or Services.

That said, for the most part, you will be creating and managing Resources via Terraform, and Sym will manage your users for you via Identity Discovery.


Do you have a Sym account?

If not, you can go here to create your account and get started with Sym.

Install the CLI

To install the symflow CLI, use one of the commands below:

brew install symopsio/tap/symflow
pipx install sym-flow-cli
pip install --user sym-flow-cli
curl -LO
sudo installer -pkg sym-flow-cli-darwin-x64.pkg -target /
curl -LO
sudo dpkg -i sym-flow-cli-linux-x64.deb

Note: if installing via pip, Please ensure ~/.local/bin is added to your PATH