Install and Login


Installing the symflow CLI is as simple as running one command:

curl | bash

If your install succeeded, you should now have symflow in your path.

$ symflow version


If the install script fails for any reason, we have a few alternatives.

Manual Install

Use your preferred package manager, or download a macOS installer.

brew install symopsio/tap/symflow
pipx install sym-flow-cli
pip install --user sym-flow-cli
$ curl -LO
$ sudo installer -pkg sym-flow-cli-darwin-x64.pkg -target /
$ curl -LO
$ sudo dpkg -i sym-flow-cli-linux-x64.deb


Before you can use symflow, you'll need to let us know who you are!

$ symflow login
Email: [email protected]


If you don't know your organization's slug, please contact support.

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