Install the Sym Slack App

Sym provides a fully Slack-guided experience for setting up your first Approval Flow.


Sym's Slack app can be installed directly from this link.

Once you've installed the app, run the /sym, and follow the instructions from there.

Running /sym for the first time

When you run the /sym command for the first time, you'll see a two-page introduction that tells you a little bit about the Sym platform, and then provides instructions on how to proceed.

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Continuing setup

If you follow the instructions in the Slack app, your next steps will be:

  • Install the symflow CLI
  • Log in, generate a starter directory and apply Terraform to finish your configuration
  • Run /sym again to see a simple Approval Flows in action

From there, you can customize your flow by adding an integration like Okta, AWS IAM Identity (SSO), GitHub, or by adding a Reporting destination for tracking and audit purposes.


Our examples repo is here to help

In addition the guides linked in here, we have an extensive examples repo you can use as a jumping-off point for crafting your starter repo into several common workflows!

Further reading

If you continue to read these guides, you'll learn more about what's going on under the hood with Sym!

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