Jira SDK Integration

Sym provides SDK methods that allow you to interact with Jira tickets as part of codifying your access request process.

The Sym SDK provides convenience methods for interacting with Jira in your impl.py.

Install the Sym SDK app for Jira Connect

Install the official Sym SDK app for Jira Connect through the Atlassian Marketplace by clicking "Get it now."

After the Jira Connect app has installed, click "Get Started" in the pop-up and follow the instructions provided, or click "Get Started" from the Atlassian Marketplace page.

Using Jira in your Flows

For more information on the supported methods in the jira module, please visit the Sym SDK Jira Docs.

Example Implementations

Provide a list of Jira Tickets in a prefetch prompt field

from sym.sdk.annotations import prefetch
from sym.sdk.integrations import jira
from sym.sdk.forms import FieldOption

def get_jira_tickets(event):
    issues = jira.search_issues(jql="project = SP")

    return [
        FieldOption(value=issue["key"], label=issue["key"])
        for issue in issues
resource "sym_flow" "jira" {
  name  = "jira"
  label = "Approve Jira Ticket"

  implementation = file("./impl.py")
  environment_id = sym_environment.this.id

  params {
    prompt_field {
      name     = "jira_ticket"
      label    = "Jira Ticket"
      type     = "string"
      required = true
      prefetch = true
    prompt_field {
      name     = "reason"
      label    = "What do you need approved?"
      type     = "string"
      required = true

Add a comment to Jira Tickets which are past their due date

from sym.sdk.integrations import jira

def add_followup_comment_if_duedate_has_passed():
    issues = jira.search_issues(jql="project = SP and status != 'Done' and duedate < now()")
    for issue in issues:
    	jira.add_comment_to_issue(issue_id_or_key=issue["id"], comment="Hey, what's the update on this?")

Add a comment to Jira Ticket after selecting it in a request

from sym.sdk.integrations import jira

def after_request(event):
    jira_ticket_id = event.payload.fields["jira_ticket"]
        comment="A request has been made related to this ticket"

Create a Jira Ticket when a request is made

from sym.sdk.integrations import jira

def after_request(event):
    created_issue = jira.create_issue(project_key="SYM", issue_type_name="Task", title=f"Access Request for {event.payload.fields["target"].label} by {event.user.email}", labels=["sym_request"])
    print(f"The Jira ticket {created_issue} has been created!")