AWS Kinesis Data Stream

Send Sym logs to Kinesis Data Stream, and from there, anywhere else!


With the Kinesis Data Stream Log Destination, you can send the full stream of Reporting events from Sym to be processed by a Data Stream.

Simply create a Log Destination of type kinesis_data_stream, and add it to your Environment.


This Integration relies on a connector

Before proceeding, make sure you've configured the AWS Kinesis Data Stream Connector

Example implementation

To add Kinesis Data Stream into your Flow, define the following items in Terraform:

resource "sym_log_destination" "data_stream" {
  type           = "kinesis_data_stream"
  integration_id =
  settings = {
    stream_name = var.stream_name

resource "sym_environment" "prod" {
  label               = "Production"
  runtime_id          =
  log_destination_ids = []

Note that kinesis_data_stream.integration_id may point to any Integration of type permission_context and is used to allow the Sym Runtime access to Kinesis Data Stream. If using the default sym_integration.runtime_context, permission can be granted easily using the aws/kinesis-data-stream addon for the Runtime Connector.

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