Kinesis Firehose Implementation

This section is for Sym Implementers!

If your Kinesis Firehose Connector has not yet been set up, please point your Integrator to Kinesis Firehose Setup.

Example Usage

To add Kinesis Firehose into your Flow, define the following items in Terraform:

resource "sym_log_destination" "firehose" {
  type           = "kinesis_firehose"
  integration_id =

resource "sym_environment" "prod" {
  label               = "Production"
  runtime_id          =
  log_destination_ids = []

Note that kinesis_firehose.integration_id may point to any Integration of type permission_context and is used to allow the Sym Runtime access to Kinesis Firehose. If using the default sym_integration.runtime_context, permission can be granted easily using the aws/kinesis-firehose addon for the Runtime Connector.

The above Terraform will remain the same regardless of how the Kinesis Firehose itself is configured. To configure Datadog, see the Datadog Connector.

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