S3 Bucket


One of the simplest implementations for reporting is to send your logs from Kinesis Firehose to an S3 bucket, where they'll be stored in date-ordered directories.

The following is an example configuration which creates a new Kinesis Firehose in an AWS account, set up to pipe logs to an S3 bucket.

You will likely want to make some changes to the below, such as:

  • Naming your S3 bucket to include some reference to Sym
  • Using environment and tag values that are appropriate to your organization and use case.


This example assumes that you've already configured the AWS Kinesis Firehose connector and addon, and included them in your Sym environment.


module "kinesis_firehose_connector" {
  source = "terraform.symops.com/symopsio/kinesis-firehose-connector/sym"

  environment = "prod"
  tags        = {
    "SymEnv" = "prod"

resource "aws_kinesis_firehose_delivery_stream" "s3_firehose" {
  name = "kinesis-firehose-s3-prod"
  destination = "extended_s3"

  extended_s3_configuration {
    role_arn = module.kinesis_firehose_connector.firehose_role_arn
    bucket_arn = module.kinesis_firehose_connector.firehose_bucket_arn

  tags = {
    "SymEnv" = prod

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