Manage Domains


Domains are used to decide who can join your organization. They allow new Users to run your flows without first being configured, while preventing outsiders from joining.

If a User's email matches a configured Domain for your Organization, they will automatically join your Organization when:

  • They interact with the Sym Slack App in your configured workspace
  • They log in to symflow CLI and run any command

That User's primary email will also be used for Identity Discovery when interacting with any Services connected to Sym. For more information on identity, see: Managing User Identity.


Domains only affect automatic User creation

Users may still be added manually using symflow users create even if their email does not match any of the configured Domains.


CommandWhat it doesExample
listLists currently configured domains.symflow domains list
addAdds a new domain to your organizationsymflow domains add
removeRemoves a domain from your organizationsymflow domains remove

Usage details


$ symflow domains list
Your organization's configured domains:


$ symflow domains add successfully added as a domain.


Use this command to remove a Domain. Note that this will not affect any existing Users in your Organization.

$ symflow domains remove successfully removed as a domain.