Manage Resources


You can use the symflow CLI to view your organization's Terraform-managed Sym resources.

Each resource is represented as:

  • A SRN which uniquely identifies the resource
  • A human-readable Slug (name)
  • If the resource is typed (e.g. sym_integration of type "slack"), a Type


CommandWhat it doesExample
listDisplays all of your organization's Terraform resources of a particular type. Requires a resource category (e.g. sym_flow)symflow resources list sym_flow

Usage details


Depending on the resource type, the table displayed may or may not have a "Type" column.

$ symflow resources list sym_flow
SRN                                                  Slug
---------------------------------------------------  -------------------------
healthy-health:flow:my-first-flow:1.0.0              my-first-flow
healthy-health:flow:production-aws-sso-access:3.0.0  production-aws-sso-access
$ symflow resources list sym_secret
SRN                                                             Slug            Type
--------------------------------------------------------------  --------------  -------------------
healthy-health:secret:aws_secrets_manager:pathtosecret:1.0.0    pathtosecret    aws_secrets_manager
healthy-health:secret:aws_secrets_manager:pathtosecret-1:1.0.0  pathtosecret-1  aws_secrets_manager