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Sym is the security workflow platform made for engineers, by engineers. We build primitives for best-practice controls so you don't have to!

If you're not sure where to start, check out Sym Concepts, or read the Sym Manifesto.
If you're implementing a Sym Flow, you might also want to check out our SDK Docs.


Other Use Cases

The Sym platform supports a variety of use cases, including a host of access-related workflows wrapping sensitive resources. If you're looking to put unobtrusive just-in-time access workflows with sophisticated routing rules around any of the following resources, please reach out.

Sensitive Resource Examples

  • SSH access to instances
  • Buckets with user data
  • Postgres or Elasticsearch databases
  • Anything you can run a SQL query against
  • Anything you can put behind an IAM Role

Use Case Guide

Please see the below use case guide for other common uses of Sym.

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What's Next

Are you working on protecting resources like this? Reach out!

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Other Use Cases

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