Configure your PagerDuty API key

This section is for Sym Integrators!

To use the PagerDuty Integration, view the PagerDuty section of the SDK docs.

This page helps you set up a PagerDuty REST API key for use in your Sym worfklows. See PagerDuty for some examples.

Steps to get a new PagerDuty REST API key from your PagerDuty account

  1. Log into your PagerDuty account.
  2. In the upper right corner, click on the settings menu.
  1. Developer Tools -> API Access.
  1. Click the "Create New API Key" button.
  1. Add a description, like "Sym API Key for Schedules". If you want Sym to be able to create and modify incidents, DO NOT check the "read-only" api key box.
  1. Click the "Create Key" button.
  2. Copy the key from the modal that pops up, and store it in your Secrets Manager (or some other secure place).
  1. Close the modal.

Sharing your PagerDuty API Key with Sym

You'll store your API Key in a value in AWS Secrets Manager in the same account where you provisioned your Runtime Connector. Contact us if you'd like to use an alternative secrets store.

  • Runtime Connectors support optional permissions using the addon input. Ensure that your Runtime Connector is provisioned with the aws/secretsmgr addon enabled.
resource "aws_secretsmanager_secret" "pagerduty" {
  name        = "/"
  description = "PagerDuty API Key for Sym"

  tags = {
    "SymEnv" = var.environment

That's it - now you can leverage your PagerDuty Incident Response workflows in Sym!

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