With the Segment Log Destination, you can send the full stream of Reporting events from Sym to any destination supported by Segment.

Simply create a Log Destination of type segment, and add it to your Environment.

This section is for Sym Implementers!

If your Aptible Integration has not yet been set up, please point your Integrator to Setup Aptible.

Example Usage

To add Segment into your Flow, define the following items in Terraform:

resource "sym_secret" "write_key" {
  path      = "segment_aptible_username"
  source_id = sym_secrets.production.id

resource "sym_integration" "segment" {
  type = "segment"
  name = "segment-prod"
  settings = {
    write_key_secret = sym_secret.write_key.id
 resource "sym_log_destination" "segment" {
  type           = "segment"
  integration_id = sym_integration.segment.id

resource "sym_environment" "prod" {
  label               = "Production"
  runtime_id          = sym_runtime.this.id
  log_destination_ids = [sym_log_destination.segment.id]

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