With the Segment Log Destination, you can send the full stream of Reporting events from Sym to any destination supported by Segment.

Simply create a Log Destination of type segment, and add it to your Environment.

Example Usage

To add Segment into your Flow, define the following items in Terraform:

resource "sym_secret" "write_key" {
  path      = "segment_aptible_username"
  source_id = sym_secrets.production.id

resource "sym_integration" "segment" {
  type = "segment"
  name = "segment-prod"
  settings = {
    write_key_secret = sym_secret.write_key.id
 resource "sym_log_destination" "segment" {
  type           = "segment"
  integration_id = sym_integration.segment.id

resource "sym_environment" "prod" {
  label               = "Production"
  runtime_id          = sym_runtime.this.id
  log_destination_ids = [sym_log_destination.segment.id]

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