Slack App Integration

Sym uses Slack as a control for making, routing, and approving requests.


Sym uses a special sym_integration resource to connect with your Slack workspace. It requires only a name and an external_id, the ID of the target Slack workspace where Sym requests will be sent. For more information on the sym_integration resource, see our Terraform Provider docs.


Did you use symflow init?

If you followed our 10 Minute Quickstart, you will already have a Slack resource created in Terraform.

Changing Slack workspaces

If you've set Sym up on a test workspace and want to move the same configuration over to production, simply change the external_id in Terraform, and re-apply your configuration. That will leave the rest of your configuration unchanged while routing all requests to the newly defined workspace.

resource "sym_integration" "slack" {
  type = "slack"
  name = "${local.environment_name}-slack"

  #This is your Slack workspace ID
  external_id = "T12345" 

Reinstall Slack app

Here at Sym, we are constantly adding new features. Occasionally, they require a Slack scope that the older version of the app does not have. This means that in order to use a few specific new features, you may need to reinstall the Sym app.

FeatureRequired ScopesDate Added
Slackbot responds to DMs in the messages tabim:historyApr 6, 2022
Post to a public channel without joiningchat:write.public, mpim:readDec 19, 2022
Use the slack.is_user_in_group SDK functionusergroups:readAugust 22, 2023