User Population Scripts

Sym provides a collection of scripts to help with initial user population across a number of external integrations.


This page is deprecated!

Sym now supports Identity Discovery and in most cases should be able to pull your users' identities automatically based on their Slack email! If your user identities cannot be automatically discovered, maybe consider implementing a get_identity Reducer instead.


Sym Users are represented by a combination of Sym identity (normally an SSO-tied email address), and a series of external_ids for each Service Type that will be used as a Sym Integration. While a Sym Integrator might know the SSO identities of all Users that should be present in the platform, it can be challenging to gather and manage the various external identities of every User.

This is where Sym's Community Scripts can help by providing a shortcut to populating the external IDs for all Users already present in Sym.

Supported services

Sym Community Scripts currently support the following external Service Types:


Community Scripts rely on managing Users via CSV

Before continuing, please make sure you're familiar with the symflow CLI's commands for outputting and re-importing the Sym User list.

Using the Community Scripts

1. Before you start

The Community Scripts rely on matching user emails between existing Sym users, and records in external Services. Before you start, you should ensure all Users you want to match are already present in Sym.

2. Export the User list

Run the following command to export your User list to a local file:

symflow users list -o users.csv

This is the file you'll be using for the rest of this guide.

3. Follow the Community Scripts instructions

The Community Scripts repo has instructions for how to populate your User list before re-importing. In short, you're going to:

  • Clone the repo
  • Install poetry
  • Use poetry to run the scripts in the same directory as your output users.csv file

The main command you will be using is:

CommandWhat it does
poetry run populate_users users.csvKicks off the process that will prompt you for credentials to automatically fill supported external_ids for existing Sym Users.

4. Re-import your users.csv file to Sym

First, check your users.csv list to ensure that the IDs you were looking for were correctly fetched.

Then, run the following command to re-import your User list via symflow:
symflow users update -i users.csv

Finally, you can confirm that everything worked by running symflow users list.