Add Users

Describes how to add or edit users in Sym

The Symflow CLI supports user management operations so you can effectively configure Sym.


  1. Install the Symflow CLI
  2. Log in with symflow login

Symflow User Commands




Get list of users and details

symflow users edit [file]

symflow users edit symusers.csv

Update users and details

symflow users update [file]

symflow users update symusers.csv

Adding or Updating User Information

Sym has published a set of community scripts to make it easy to provide the necessary information.

  1. Download the current user details with symflow users edit symusers.csv.
  2. [Optional] Add any new emails to the file symusers.csv. Note: re-uploading existing users will have no impact (update acts like patch).
  3. Run it through the populate users community script on github to add integration-specific details (like AWS principal ID).
  4. Review the modified user list using your favorite CSV editor (Google Sheets, Excel, vi, emacs).
  5. Make any updates for missing values (like a non-standard email address for an integration with PagerDuty).
  6. Upload updated user list back to sym with symflow users update symusers.csv.

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