About the symflow CLI

The symflow CLI is the best way to manage Sym Services and Users within your organization.


The symflow CLI enables Integrators to manage the integrated Services associated with their Sym installation, as well as the Users who are able to access each Service.

Services themselves are all represented as a combination of a service-type (e.g. Slack), and an external-id (e.g. a Slack Workspace ID).

Users, meanwhile, are represented as a service-type-specific id for each Service for which they can gain access through Sym, or with which they can log into Sym. Through this model, it is possible for one User entry to be associated with many different services, as well as for any one Service to be available to only a subset of users.

Using the symflow CLI

To get started, make sure you've installed the CLI and logged in with your sym_org_slug.

For more information on the services and users commands, read on, or you can always use -h or --h to see a list of available commands in any given context.