Vanta Integration

With Sym and Vanta you can Sync your Sym users on an hourly basis to provide proof to your auditors and Vanta that you are using least privilege access management.


With Sym and Vanta you can check off another todo on your security checklist. This integration provides easy proof for your auditors that you are working toward least privilege access with Sym!

What you need to get started

  • A Vanta account where you have administrator privileges
  • A Sym organization ID for an organization where you have administrator privileges
    • You can find your organization ID by running /sym whoami in your Slack workspace

Authorize Sym to Send Data to Your Vanta Account

  1. Log into your Vanta Account and navigate to Integrations.
  1. Search for Sym in Available Applications and click connect.
  1. Enter your Sym Org ID and continue to log into Sym.
  1. After you are logged in you will be routed back to Vanta to authorize Sym to send data to your Vanta account.
  1. Click allow and you will be routed to a success screen, which will show you the Terraform resource you'll need to add to Sym to complete the setup.

Complete the Sym Terraform Configuration


Syncing User Data

Until this Terraform is applied, your Vanta account will not receive any information from your Sym account. If the resource is destroyed, the syncing will stop.

  1. Add this Terraform resource to your Terraform configuration.
resource "sym_integration" "vanta" {
    type = "vanta"
    name = "${local.environment}-vanta"

    # Fill in your company's name in Vanta here. It is located as the last item of the sidebar in
    external_id = "CHANGEME"
  1. Replace the external_id in the Terraform resource with your Vanta Account Name.

The external ID is your company's name in Vanta. You can find it located as the last item of the sidebar in your Vanta portal.

  1. Run terraform apply.

Congrats 🥳

You have now configured Sym to send user data to Vanta. Your user information will now by synced on an hourly basis until you remove the integration from Vanta.

Removing your Vanta Integration

  1. Navigate to Connected Integrations in your Vanta Portal.
  1. Click Manage under your Sym connection and choose Delete.
  1. In your Sym configuration, remove your Vanta integration resource and run terraform apply.