Sym Concepts

Sym is a security workflow automation platform made up of shared primitives, and integrations.

Sym is a workflow automation platform for security, risk, and governance that matches the 80/20 split we observe in the real world: most teams build the same set of shared workflow primitives, and then put a custom “spin” on these core primitives based on their existing process and tools. We build those common controls for you, and expose them as Templates with our Terraform provider. You can think of these Templates as a piece of infrastructure that you provision, as if it were a server or a database.

We then provide you with a large set of integrations, in the form of our Python SDK. These integrations include public clouds (e.g. AWS, GCP), identity providers (e.g. Okta), and a variety of other tools (e.g. PagerDuty, Panther) that are already used by your team. Using our SDK to customize a Template is known as creating a Sym Flow.

Most Flows are comprised of two files:

  •, where you use our Terraform Provider to provision a Flow based on a Template
  •, where you use our SDK to pull in integrations and customize the steps of your workflow by implementing a few Python functions

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